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       ABOUT US

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No event is too small or too large for us, contact us today…

The Dskii Events was birthed out of the desire to provide an innovative bespoke event management, supplier, planning and consulting service. We work tirelessly with the aim of capturing ideas and making visions a reality. As a result, we have proudly served clients for over fifteen years.

At Dskii Group, our four main clientele groups fall into the following categories:

  • Corporate
  • Private
  • Charitable
  • Wedding

To ensure we are able to fully cater to your needs we offer three distinct packages:

Gold, Silver & Bronze



( Basically  our entire portfolio )



Have a look at our entire collection of client’s work that we have undertaken. work from in part and also in full, learn how we can make your event and your day special…


Our main areas of expertise are…

Public & Private Events

Dskii Events will assist you in creating a unique and unforgettable event with our personal touch. We are a client centred team and our primary focus is meeting your requirements and supporting your end goal.
Clients praise us on our attention to detail and excellent communication skills, we ensure that we cater to your every need.

Catering & Hospitality

Dskii Catering team are special and reliable!

We make sure your order gets there on time. Our service is conveniently sourced from local produced and compared for the best quality. We offer you a flexible payment option; We’ll send you an invoice, or you can pay up front with PayPal or credit card. Whatever works for you?

Community Festivals & Carnivals

A small community festival or large scale Carnivals Events are one of few ways to really gauge our skills, experience and knowledge of handling your event. Your event is our business, We can help, lets us lead your campaign...

So what are you waiting for, lets us help you today.



We offer value for money and outstanding results.

We offer value for money and outstanding results, because we understand people. Some of our clients may choose to manage certain aspects of their events in part or in full, so we have a vast array of services and packages that you can choose from.



Product launch packages
Product launch packages
Product launch packages
Product launch packages
Product launch packages



Product launch packages
Product launch packages
Product launch packages
Product launch packages
Product launch packages



Product launch packages
Product launch packages
Product launch packages
Product launch packages
Product launch packages



Product launch packages
Product launch packages
Product launch packages
Product launch packages
Product launch packages


We are always looking for creative and self-motivated events coordinator and planners, let’s create something magical

Our team consists of dedicated, friendly, qualified and highly motivated individuals with decades of combined team experience in the events and media industry. You will have your own dedicated mentoring project manager that will train you on the job. We will work with you every step of the way, sharing our extensive knowledge and management skills.

We pride ourselves in creating new events coordinators; we will make your new found passion or skill as easy as possible with our support.




We have an established record of successfully planning and implementing more than a thousand (1000) events whilst providing customer satisfaction and maintaining efficiency and productivity throughout the process.

If you are looking for a challenge job, and have the desire to work hard, well what are you waiting for?

Contact us today…



       OUR TEAM

Tian Smith

Responsible for creating, editing, distributing and optimizing relevant, contextual and personalized content across social media platforms to attract, engage and retain customers. Tian Smith enjoys analysing performance data and make daily changes and optimizations to achieve marketing objectives. The ideal candidate for Dskii Group; Dskii Events social networking platforms, he actively uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, blogging sites, and other social media platforms. He knows what is hot now and what is next, he also has a passion for exploring cutting edge social networking platforms.

Social Media Coordinator (manager)


Clive Christian

Clive Christian enhances presentations by providing photographs; cataloguing photographs; maintaining photograph library database. Clive Christian supports the Dskii Media team with presentations and planning photographic sequences. Clive enjoys selecting and assembling equipment by reviewing subject material; anticipating conditions; applying knowledge of function and limitations of various types of camera, lenses, films, and accessories.

Dskii Media Photographer


Jamila Dixon

Jamila Dixon is responsible for working with legal counsel and key stakeholders accounts, she also manage, administer and ensure compliance with all company contracts operational forms (standard and custom) and a variety of administration documents are used to facilitate and govern the programs, projects and services that Dskii Group Ltd directly provides as well as 3rd party pass through services the company engages to its clients.

Compliance Administrator



Dskii Events & Media’s team has seamless undertaken planning and management of TK Media, PR and Film Premiers, has delivered results from day one. We have found Dskii Group to be a network that delivers efficiently and results – focused, reflecting TK Medias own approach. I have no hesitation in recommending Dskii Media services.”

Santos Ade Managing Director TK Media & Film Company

Dskii Events & Media, The UK entertainment industry has to be one of the most competitive categories around and for a Film company in London entering such an aggressive market, it was a challenging circumstance! However, the team at Dskii Events & Media was very impressive; a good unique brand “Dskii”, Dskii Group Limited, who attracts a great audience, which I will personally recommended to anyone. What stood out is their commitment throughout the campaign – 110% – backed by total professionalism, tenacity, regular and comprehensive communication and flexibility – plus, they listen! If you’re looking for a dynamic team that continually goes beyond the call of duty, then Dskii “Media” Group are definitely your team.

Mr Collins Archie-Pearce Managing Director Archie-Pearce Production Ltd

Dskii Media – Photographers, Tian Smith is a fresh and dynamic photographer. He is enthusiastic, professional and a delight to work with. I would thoroughly recommend him”.

Cherron Inko-Tariah (MBE) Author The Incredible Power of Staff Networks

Dskii Catering & Events Hospitality, A very big thank you for putting on such a great show at our party on Saturday at the Water Margin in the o2. All the feedback I've had is that everyone had a fantastic time and it was the best Christmas party ever! When you organise these events, you're always anxious about how well it will go but I'm really happy and very relieved that it was such a success. Thank you so much – you were brilliant!"

Dskii Weddings & Events, Hi Donnie, Can’t find the email where you asked for some feedback on your services and supplies, but here are few lines to say your guys were fab. Everyone commented how good the decorations, food, drinks, waiting service, seating arrangement and the photos were, they were fantastic! Your musicians were equally brilliant, they kept the dance floor nice and busy and played loads of the songs we had requested. The first dance was just lovely. Please pass on our thanks to the band, lead singer and your DJ’s - Real Rock Sound, they really were great and we didn’t have to worry about a thing.